Burning in Hell for Eternity

Walter Bockus, Pedophile Priest
Greenfield Park's Child Rapist & Sodomizer
Fully Protected by the Anglican Church of Canada
What a Sickening Legacy for a Priest & His Church!!

This is the twisted pervert who "ministered" in eight Canadian parishes, using little children to satisfy his personal sexual desires, destroying many families in the process.
His latest handshake must have been with Saddam!
The Anglican Church of Canada has not only refused to defrock him .... but this child molester also retains the honourary title "Canon", proving just how hypocrytical the Anglican Church of Canada truly is!
Some of his Victims' testimonials are linked in the right hand margin.
We thank N.S for locating an image of one of Greenfield Park's worst perverts.



We are trying to get through to adults, not kids, so please keep them off.
The incredibly brilliant Cardinal Justin Rigali of the Philadelphia Archdiocese summoned together hundreds of Roman Catholic priests saying, "It is extremely important for us to hear their (Victims) stories firsthand so that we may see the human face and hear the human voice."
Right on Cardinal! Thanks for the pointer!
We are taking the example of this wise Cardinal, so caution,
we will often use graphic testimonials in an attempt to get
through to selected persons in the Anglican Church of Canada.


Victim Visits his Hometown of GPK

Bruce and One of the Repugnant Signs
In December, 2007 Bruce Underhill visited his hometown of Greenfield Park, Quebec.
A half century after Bockus molested him the Anglican Church of Canada has done NOTHING for Bruce: no offer of professional counselling, not even an apology!
A half century after Bockus molested so many of our Town's children, the council STILL obviously feels it worthy to honour our Number One Pedophile, even after a direct request by the Bishop of Montreal to remove the signs!


A Free Teaching DVD Children Should See in Order to Stay Safe

We have not seen the actual video but have watched the site's sample video.
If it is as good, (and eye opening!), then this must be an acquisition all with children should consider.
Incredibly, because of a sponsorship it is currently FREE, (just pay the nominal shipping charge.)

Bourque Forum Discussion, Friday, September 28, 2007

From Bourque.com
(to access, click on "Discuss" immediately following the headlines)

A move by the U.S. Episcopal church this week to stave off an Anglican schism is already on shaky ground, with neither liberals nor conservatives happy about the church's decision to go slow on gay rights.
"The Episcopal church is self-destructing," Pittsburgh Bishop Bob Duncan told the Star yesterday.


The Ontario Provincial Police yesterday began a formal criminal investigation into allegations of abuse of students at the now closed Grenville Christian College in Eastern Ontario.
The chief investigating officer, Detective Inspector Brian Haggith, also asked former students for access to the private Facebook Internet site where they have been discussing their experiences at the school for the past several weeks. Former student Tyler Holmes, the administrator of the Facebook group site, gave them access.
OPP spokeswoman Sergeant Kristine Rae said the police were appealing to anyone with knowledge of wrongdoing at the school - which closed in July - to contact them.
For the past several days, the OPP have been conducting what they called a "review" of allegations of physical, psychological and sexual abuse at the school, near Brockville on the St. Lawrence River.
Sgt. Rae said the police have now interviewed two witnesses and want "any former student alleging criminal conduct" to call them at 613-925-4221.
The police have named no suspects.
The allegations extend back to the late 1970s. Former students and staff are spread across Canada and the United States.
Meanwhile, Bishop George Bruce, Anglican bishop of the diocese in which the school is located, will conclude his investigation this week into allegations against two priests who were headmasters of the school - Rev. Charles Farnsworth and Rev. Gordon Mintz.
In interviews with The Globe and Mail, the two priests have denied any wrongdoing and have said that allegations of mistreatment of students at the school are without substance.
Bishop Bruce has interviewed more than 20 students and at least one former senior teacher.
After he completes his interviews he will present his findings to the two priests and ask for their response. He will then decide whether to bring priests and former students together in an attempt at reconciliation or refer the priests to a church court. Only half a dozen ecclesiastical courts have been convened in the last century and a half.
One former student has made a formal complaint about Bishop Bruce's predecessor, retired bishop Peter Mason, to the senior Anglican archbishop of Ontario.
Anglican authorities have said they had no jurisdiction over the school but do have jurisdiction over the priests who worked there.
After interviewing several former students, Bishop Bruce suggested to two of them that they might consider contacting police.
Grenville Christian College had an elite reputation among Ontario private schools, charging up to $35,000 annually and listing former lieutenant-governors, a senator and a Canadian diplomat among its patrons.
All but one or two members of the Grenville staff swore what were called "oblate vows" of obedience to the community's leaders.
Former students have told of being held down and beaten with wooden objects, sexually harassed and subjected to psychological humiliation.
The Community of Jesus and the Grenville school staff followed negation of the self as a path to unity with God. Students say they were regularly subjected to harsh discipline for being "haughty" and girls were called sluts, whores and "bitches in heat" because they tempted men.


Deliberately misinterpret & mischaracterize the meaning of Christ for their own warped ideas.
They're no better than bunch of goons.


The Canadian branch of the Anglican Church refuses to face up to the untold huge number of Canadians sexually abused by their priests.
Like lemmings running to the precipice, the pending Canadian lawsuits to make amends to these Victims should erase every tangible asset the Church owns in our country.
... den of pedophile priests!
One set of Victims' lives destroyed from just one small Canadian town is recounted at:
Of interest on that blog ... there is a time clock set starting at the date one Victim brave enough to "come out" wrote the Anglican Bishop of Montreal for answers to questions that have haunted him for almost half a century.
So far it is 320 days since the Bishop has refused to reply!
Read the questions and be amazed.


Well, they're a copy of the RC church ... so I guess they copied them more faithfully than we knew.


Are Priests not the absolute worst kind of pedophile?
In the eyes of a child they are beyond reproach, they represent God and what is right according to the Bible ... and so they surrender their bodies to these filthy men.

Canada is FULL of these filthy pigs using white clerical collars to destroy lives and yet our politicians STILL have not ordered a full coast to coast inquiry with resulting charges.

What is going on? Why are they being protected? Why is it being left up to the Victims who simply do not have the courage or pecuniary means to take on the establishment of the Church?


This used to be shushed up...because it was thot to be one 'individual instance'...or an outright lie and the victim got blamed!

Suddenly people are talking on the web...and people now talk about things that used to be considered 'shameful'...which at one time was pretty much everything to do with sex!

So I guess they discover each other...and that it wasn't ONE instance, and NOT their fault...and they have an ad hoc support group
"Our Age"


Good Point
A Royal Commission on pedophilia in general and, more specifically, in the church - any church or religious organization or its affiliates.


Other groups too: Scouts and coaches and so on...

Anywhere kids are dependent on adults, and look to them for authority...which is pretty much everywhere...since we can't count on adults to have any 'protective human instinct' towards children


So why not make THAT an election issue?
Would Harpwer agree to start a commission.
One would think he would ... because aren't his children at the "age of risk".
How DO we make it an election issue?
...... BUT, then again
Consider there are SO many pedophiles they may even be a silent majority ans squash this outright.
.... silent majority?
Just ask how many women have been sexually victimized!
Wow, lots to consider and discuss here ....


I don't think anybody would object to a commission...except maybe on the grounds it wouldn't accomplish anything except studies and talk.


CNN Anchor Thomas Roberts Admits Being Sexually Abused by Priest. His Advice to Victims: "... seek help for being sexually abused ..."

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- I became a victim of sexual abuse at the age of 14; the abuse lasted three years. It took me nearly 20 years to gather the strength to help put my abuser behind bars. Now, a year after "justice" was done, I am ready to tell my story publicly in ways I never have before.

My abuser was Father Jeff Toohey, a trusted man of God. He was the equivalent of a religious celebrity in my private all-boys Catholic school in Baltimore, Maryland. Father Jeff was every boy's friend and mentor. I considered him my mentor as well.

When my parents divorced, I was sent to Father Jeff to help me cope with all the changes. Divorce in the mid-1980s still seemed so foreign. Plus, I was just a kid, and I didn't know much about divorce. I just knew it sucked.

All I had at that time in my life was my family and school. Those were my constants. But as my family fell apart, so did my life at school. After the abuse began, high school became a prison of shame and lies.

I felt trapped. My parents would be horrified to know their failure at marriage put their son at risk to be sexually abused and that the man abusing me was the high school chaplain and beloved priest. (Watch Roberts' mom say the priest will 'burn in hell' )

The school would never believe me, I thought, and I feared I would be expelled if I revealed the abuse. I was 14, with no voice, except the one in my head saying, "You can never tell the truth about what is happening."

Roughly a month after the abuse started, I attempted to commit suicide. I took a bottle of my mother's pills. I lined them up one-by-one on my maple dresser. I took them all and lay on my bed hoping to just fade away and die.

My sister, Patsy, came home and found me. It was the day before her 18th birthday. She saved my life that day just by merely coming to my room to say, "Hi." She saw the pill bottle and went to get ipecac, which made me throw up.

My parents were terribly upset by my actions. Father Jeff was told I tried to kill myself. All agreed I just needed more counseling. Father Jeff's exact words were, "You have so much to live for." I felt so cornered, and I had nowhere to go and no one to run to. I just became numb to the abuse.

"This too shall pass" is one of my favorite religious sayings. The abuse did pass, but it left me so insecure about who I was.

When I was in college, another boy, Michael Goles, came forward and reported his abuse at the hands of Father Jeff. I knew I could help Michael if I, too, revealed Father Jeff's abuse, but out of a feeling of self-preservation, I remained quiet. Michael wasn't believed, and his case was thrown out of court.

Nearly 20 years after the abuse started, I became strong enough to go back and confront what had happened to me. I was strong enough to tell my family the truth. I was strong enough to report it to the archdiocese. And I was strong enough to call Michael Goles and tell him, "I am sorry," and that I believe him because it happened to me, too.

Together, we were strong enough to see our abuser finally admit his crimes. Father Jeff was charged with 10 criminal counts of child sexual abuse in relation to my case. He asked for a plea and admitted his guilt in court. He was sentenced to five years in jail but only served 10 months. He was released early to serve eight months in home detention.

This story is so layered. For a long time, I couldn't talk about it without crying. But a year ago, CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper and CNN Senior Producer Charlie Moore approached me about telling and following my story. I was scared. I was scared of being so honest and televising this journey.

What would people think? Would I ruin my career? But I came to the conclusion that I will not be scared anymore. I will not be scared of telling the truth because it might be uncomfortable for people to hear.

If this story compels even one person to seek help for being sexually abused, then it is all worth it. All it takes is telling one person. From there, strength grows and you can tell a second person and so on. Then you can finally have control of your life back.
Thanks for the referral SueLP!


Vienna Busts Huge Child Porn Ring : "Girls could be seen being raped, and you could also hear screams"

February 7, 2007

"Austria has uncovered an international child pornography network involving more than 2,360 suspects from 77 countries, the interior minister said."

Diocese of Great Falls-Billings to pay nearly $420,000 to Two Whistle Blowers

Great Falls Tribune (Montana)
January 3, 2007

Lawyer's Threat of Recourse to a Victim: "If the matter is pursued, I'm sure you are aware that your client is not the only party with recourse."

Burford & Ryburn Law Firm Letter
(Council for First Baptist Church)

Victims unite! This is an unveiled threat to countersuit following Victim's attempt to seek rightful damages from priest abuse.

"Burford & Ryburn was responsible for writing the first charter for the Baptist Foundation of Texas"

How can any Baptist, anywhere, continue to attend this church, knowing their Church is sticking it to rape Victims this way?!?! Is this God's way????

Moved from Parish to Parish to Parish to Parish to Parish. Why?

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church/School
Beverly Hills, Michigan
"The Rev. Robert F. Wyzgoski, whom the Vatican banned in 2005 from dressing or working as a Catholic priest, died of a heart attack at his home Saturday.
He was pastor of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Beverly Hills from 1996 to 2002.
Earlier, he served at St. Benedict in Waterford, Our Lady Queen of Peace in Harper Woods, St. Christopher and St. Suzanne in Detroit, and St. Veronica in Eastpointe.
In 2002, the Archdiocese of Detroit removed him after learning of allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls in the 1960s in Wayne County. In 2005, the Vatican accepted the abuse claims and upheld the ban issued by Cardinal Adam Maida."
Detroit Free Press
January 3, 2007

He worked five parishes before being defrocked. Why? How many Victims remain silent?


Thank You All For Your Wonderful Support and Continued Feedback

Incredibly, our site is still a few days shy of being two months old, yet we have already had our 10,000th Visitor!
This proves many of you do care about our grave concerns about seeking assistance for Victims and the continuing child abuse pandemic.
Let's do something about it!
This truly has quickly become an international site, as evidenced by the Cluster Map link at the bottom of our site. In fact, our 10,000th visitor hailed from Santiago, Chile at 12:21:38 am on January 2, 2007.
Merci mille fois!

Who Do We Believe? A Bishop or Over One Dozen Victims with the Incredible Courage to Come Forward?

ABC News (Iowa City, Iowa)
January 2, 2007

Someone HAS to not only start believing Victims, but also look at facts in the cases!

Look at the case of Greenfield Park Victims from the 1950s and 1960s at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Greenfield Park, Quebec.
This is a parallel issue.
A multitude of Victims are finding the courage to finally speak.
So what does the Anglican Primate of Canada, Archbishop of the whole works write to Bill Knight, the first Victim to come forward?
"The fact that you speak of events now 50 years distant, and the person you accuse is dead is bound to make an investigation of the facts diffuicult."
But!!!!! That's plain BS! The Primate or the Bishop of Montreal have NOT looked at the FACTS WE have accumulated in the case!!!!


God, Please Give Us This Day Our Daily Comic Relief Bread. Amen!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

Rev. Michael Jude Fay
" ... Fay racked up more than $200,000 on his parish credit card for airline tickets, limousine rides, designer clothing, alcohol and dinners at elite restaurants. Many of the purchases were made in Florida, where Fay owns a luxury condominium with Cliff Fantini, and in Philadelphia, where Fantini runs a wedding planning business under the name Cliff Martell."
The Advocate (Connecticut)
December 31, 2006


Q: Could All the Sex Offenders and Pedophiles in the USA fit into Orlando, Florida, Population 200,000?

Answer: NO!!!
There are 500,000 known sex offenders and pedophiles in the USA.
It would take two and a half Orlandos to house them all!
Our children face a SERIOUS threat.

God, Please Give Us This Day Our Daily Comic Relief Bread. Amen!

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!!! Greenfield Park, Quebec STILL Slapping Victims' Faces!!

This is the TRUE and sickening story that started our quest to help Victims of priest rape.
Half a century ago Father Walter Bockus of St. Paul's Church, Greenfield Park, Quebec was raping and sodomizing the Town's children.
The Mayor at the time knew. He did nothing! Why?
The Police Chief knew. He did nothing! Why? (In fact, the Chief squashed an attempted investigation by the Town's Detective Jeary, who was soon killed in a bank shoot out. Coincidence?)
It gets worse ... one of the Town's General Practitioners knew this sordid Priest had raped the Town's children and DID NOTHING!!! It is called "professional ethics", because this doctor was also the priest's doctor. We call it swwep it under the rug ethics.
The Town's biggest "keeper of the children" was involved. The Principal of the school was a "good friend" of this Priest. They shared side by side country homes, inviting children for stays away! The Principal was forever inviting the Priest over to the school. Why? We are getting sickening testimonies as to why. Sick. Sick. Sick.
We have testimonies that some of the teachers were also molesting the Town's children.
We have suicides as part of the fallout.
So many in a position of responsibility, law enforcement, Mayor, Principal, Doctor and more knew the Town's children were being raped and DID NOTHING TO HELP THEM!!!!
Bockus, probably the worst pervert of the Town's many pedophiles, was quietly moved by the Anglican Church of Canada to St. Johns, New Brunswick: to a new parish, new home and new salary!
All the while, the Town's suffering children did not receive an iota of help from the Anglican Church of Canada!
The Anglican Church helped their own with the bucks, but not their parish children!!!!!
Talk about the corruption of organized religion: the Anglican Church of Canada takes the cake!
In fact, evidence to this corruption still exists and the primate of Canada and the Bishop of Montreal REFUSE to examine it!!! The Anglican Church of Canada is still corrupt to its core, refusing to accept responsibility, even after 50 years!!!
It got worse ... the Church subsequently honoured Bockus with the esteemed title, "Canon"; evidently they were proud of his decades of buggering little children in his parishes.
The Victims have suffered 50 years of anguish, yet the Town STILL honours one of its biggest pedophiles in its history by maintaining this street named for a horrible sexual predator!!!!! What are they thinking????
We are slowly getting to the Truth Folks. The children knew the Truth and they are starting to talk .....
Our Town has a Superhero!
Our web site received this E-mail from The Phantom of Greenfield Park, ready to do the rightful deed. His shadow was caught on film on Monday, January 1st, 2007, presumably sizing up the tool(s) required.
He wrote:
January 1, 2007
My pliers are ready to do the job in 2007.
The Phantom of Greenfield Park

National Alert Registry: 500,000 USA Sex Offenders

There is a pandemic!

Dr. Robin Phillips, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Astrophysicist, Jailed for Having 500,000 Child-porn Images on his Computer

Dr. Robin Phillips, University of Lethbridge
" ....the taking of pictures such as these exposes them to long term sexual abuse," (Judge Paul)Dodgson told the court moments before sentencing Phillips to 15 months in prison."
"Phillips's laptop contained the largest number of child-pornographic photos ever seized by police in the United Kingdom.
Scotland Yard agrees.
"In terms of quantity, we've never come across such a prolific offender," said Dave Roberts of Scotland Yard outside the courtroom."
"Phillips and his wife have given up their residence in Alberta.
Due to media attention in both Britain and Canada, Phillips's wife has taken their eight-year-old and 10-month-old children to live in Germany."

About This Web Site ~ Getting Organized

Approximately three years ago, after almost half a century, a Victim in Greenfield Park, Quebec, (GPK), confided about sexual abuse suffered at the hands of Walter Bockus, rector of St. Paul's Anglican Church in GPK.
Considered an allegation only, but confident this allegation worthy of merit and investigation, we commenced inquiring.
The proverbial roof blew off as Victim after Victim came forward, all independently, with the EXACT SAME STORY.
Each Victim did not know the other Victims had been molested, yet their account of how Bockus often used the porn classic, "Behind the Green Door" was often the common denominator as each of them recounted the loss of their childhood innocence.
People now scattered across North America had been abused with the same porn book, in the same way, in the Rector's office, the dark anteroom just off the pulpit, and even in the Church kitchen! To a priest in whose hands dozens of parents entrusted their valuable children!
Three years later we now have over two dozen Victims claiming abuse from 7 pedophiles in our Little Town. It seems some of these pedophiles were working together!
At the beginning of November, 2006, the Anglican Church confirmed knowledge of the abuse and offered pastoral care to those Victims who request help. (That letter is reprinted on this site, below the posts.)
Additionally, the Church has agreed to meet with the Mayor to have "Bockus" street brought down, removing the honour given to one of our Town's worst, if not the worst, pedophiles.
We'll organize this web site over time, as the incoming material warrants its organization, but for now we will upload as much as possible, as soon as possible, in chronological order, as received.
Our concern and mandate is to find every victim and bring to them as much healing as possible. Some need little assistance. But one for example, has been completely devastated, has lived as a recluse, with the guilt and shame for half a century. Like the others, he had believed that he had been Bockus' only victim. As a child, Bockus had molested him over 200 times, sometimes on a daily basis.
This site is for ALL Victims, not just those from GPK. Our wish is "No More Child Abuse".
This is not a call to Victims to identify yourselves. One has, in the hopes his "out" will encourage you to discreetly come forward to the Church, or other professional, for care. YOU WERE NOT GUILTY!!


The Power of the Internet

In Moes's Dream's first few weeks, one single event has blown us away as to the effectiveness of the new age of the Internet, what a small global village it has created, and how we can utilize its effectiveness to meet our own objective.
If you check out the latest Cluster Map by clicking on the logo available on the site, you will see we have been visited from all over the world.
On December 19, we received the following note from Ankita Tiwari in India. Her English is fantastic!
"yes, i have been abused twice in childhood by two different individual men of my trust. one happened to be my family friend, neighbour and second one is my uncle. these incidents went on to spoil my teenage. i have consulted psychologists and psychiatrist but trust me nothing can remove away those wounds and pain inflicted on my heart n soul. i really feel we should voice aginst child abuse. its high time now. i have been through it hence i can understand the mental agony and depression one experiences.
Ankita Tiwari, India
Yes Anika, it is high time we do break the taboos, from Greenfield Park, Quebec on one side of the globe to your India, and on to every point in between. Your E-mail proves we can do it through the 'Net together, and we will, to the best of our collective abilities!
This site is our negative and very necessary one, presenting on a daily basis the continuing pandemic against children and women.
We are preparing a truly positive Moe's Dream web site, the one we will reach out with a programme of prevention. We have created a draft programme to do this and will refine our idea with Victims, therapists and a department of a Canadian police force also working on abuse prevention, before an official launch.
We going to do it Moe!
Happy Holidays to All


A Victim's Thought to Share with You During These Holidays

Bill Knight, a childhood friend of Moe's and the first 'St Paul's Greenfield Park Bockus Victim' to publicize his testimony, noted this thought in a Christmas letter to us.
For those new to our site, Bill's huge amount of courage to speak out was the catalyst to take Moe's Dream into the public domain in an effort to help Victims everywhere.
"I greatly appreciate all of your efforts in combating the perverts hiding behind the cross. If Jesus were to return to earth and see the kinds of things that are being done in his name I think He wouldn’t be able to stop from being sick."

Killing for Sexual Pleasure not Limited to Canada: Shades of Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka

Police take away a bag containing remains
of children. A man confessed to killing six
children in Noida's Nithari district after
sexually abusing them.

December 29, 2006

Kidnapping children for sexual pleasure then killing them is so familiar to Canadians. These senseless killings in India are reminiscent of the sexual murders committed just a few miles from us by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka -- the "Ken and Barbie of Mayhem and Murder".
They lured, sadistically raped and tortured several young teenaged girls, then murdered them, (their killings even included Karla's own sister!!!).
Karla and paul encased one of their Victims part by part in cement, then dropped her separated body parts into Lake Gibson, south of St. Catharines.
Due to police ineptness: to convict Bernardo, the Crown made a 12 year sentence deal with Karla. She now lives free as a bird on the streets of Montreal. Some specialists have stated it is only a matter of time before she rescinds.

God, Please Give Us This Day Our Daily Comic Relief Bread. Amen!

Charged with Abusing 18 Altar Boys in the USA, Father Paul Desilets Resisting Extradition from Quebec

Father Paul Desilets, Pedophile
Milford (Massachusetts) Daily News
December 27, 2006

What Bullsh_t!!: Bridgeport, Connecticut Diocese Appeals to Court to Keep Files on 23 of Their Pedophile Priests Closed

"As expected, the Diocese of Bridgeport has filed an appeal of a Superior Court judge's ruling that thousands of pages of secret court files involving lawsuits against some of its priests be made public.
The case now appears headed back to the state Supreme Court, and the files concerning allegations of sexual abuse by as many as 23 priests within the diocese will remain sealed."
The Hartford Courant
December 27, 2006


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